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Mothers can't affford to smile always like Saint Mary, can they? Continue to:


comments from many people....

---Every relation has its own struggle.

---The more people struggle, the more they generate love.

-----Heart-felt relation wins over blood-connected relation.

-----Kenta being fretful proves  he loves his mother. The mother being irritated over Kenta proves she loves him. That's what parent and child are all about...without questions...

----Through my experience in raising my own son, I came all the way up to this point by persuading myself to the notion that the child-rearing is nothing to do with the blood-connected relation. To tell you the truth, I sometimes find myself confused, but this theme of the blood-relations may haunt upon me in future as well. It's a fact my son knows that I am not his biological mother, and for years to come, this may lead him to think of  his biological mother, the foster-mother and himself. I think it's a good idea to raise him in loving-care by accepting this existing parent-child relation as a fact. I believe love is needed regardless of blood-relation anyway.

----For kids, they don't know much about the relation. They just long for love. What do you think?

----Regardless of blood-relation, parent(s) and child have to make their own relation upon their mutual encounter with lots of things to overcome each other.

 ----Children are rather brought up by a society, not by parents. As for me, I am a parent as well, and parents are a part of the society. I'm trying to be a good parent, but my goal is still too far away.

It's same thing as in the case of a real child delivered on her own. In this case, I find myself mumbling to my child "Don't you dare to think yourself unhappy to be born under this parent, do you!"

When we get irritated, we think of far-fetched ideas in any situation anyway, so just take it easy for now..(^_^)

----For Kenta's foster parents, I believe they felt like that.... just because they mobilize all their love upon Kenta in a whole-hearted way. They are sincere. That's why they suffer. I went through the same child-rearing experiences, so I can share the same feelings. Just relax a bit and challenge to have some easy tea time for yourself, and you'll get energized.

----Up to this point, I raised my son as a real kid, However, when I was confused of rasing the son,  I wondered many times to think about... if we were blood-connected, what would have happened...At first, I felt like I was not accepting my son as I was supposed to, but as time went by,I didn't worry any more. I made up my mind to raise my son based on the fact that we are not blood-connected, and raise him in my own way. Though I still feel up and down in my child-rearing journey, I feel truly happy that I could have a chance of bringing up my son.


 It's at least a relief for Nanako-chan that there an adult around sympathizing of her shedding tears.Continue to:おかあさんが会いに来てくれない本当のわけ/ 


Comments from many people.

---- It's a grave reality for Nanako-chan. It's sad. Why an adult is passing the buck upon a child....

----I wish the time would come for children who don't need to suffer like this.


You are okayed be pampared as much as you we know such a time is short and limited anyway.Continue to:りゅうたろう-抱きしめられる気持ち良さを知る/


Comments from many people.

---- Hey, Ryutaro-kun, Nice day! You could be pampared as you wish~ ~ ~(^-^)

---- We should patiently wait for the time they seek for Dacco-break while we do something else. I think the very timing comes to visit us naturally.

----I felt the warmth.....

----You just go ahead to be pampared fully. I'll accept you to my fullest as you come along.

----I'm feeling the warmth....

----I wish I could experience this type of feeling soon..

----It's an ideal style for me.


 It's just such a real short time for kids to be pampared like this. If I could respond to this request, then I would love to do it. I believe there must be a reason for them to be pampared.Continue to:けんたの赤ちゃん返り/


Comments from many people.

----I strongly feel now it's very important for them to have time to be pampared q(^_^q). I wasn't able to be pampared! Come to think of it, I nothing but whipped upon myself..(@_@,)  One of my friends said that I was cursing myself consequently after I self-hated!! (omitted)  After seeing activities of Gruun and/or Takasaka-san, I agreed that it is important to water constantly upon such a root. Why budgets are not allocated for this..... I wish I could sow and water more and more in future in the hope that we all are able to live in security as much as we could. I know I can't do much about it for now, but I'm humble to say I am in process for that.

----It's a wonderful situation, and I'm almost swamped with flood of tears.

---It looks like a great relation


I believe it's equally important for us to give simple unconditional love to children and to determine unperturbedly a timing when to borrow help (if necessary) for the children based upon our objective observation. Continue to:言語聴覚士さんとけんたとわたし/


Comments from many people.

--I thought it's just same as caring.

--I'm 100% with you


Kenta was sent to a foster parents from a nursery home when he was 2 years old. Now they are preparing for adoption to make him as their real child. What a wonderful story.

Thank you for reading till the last. Continue to:おじいちゃんとおばあちゃん/ 


Comments from many people.

---I'm happy for you Kenta...Good luck to you.

---I am very happy to know that every one around him feels happy about his adoption.

---It's a real tear-jerker.

--- It seemed it took time. It's good to see Kenta blessed with everybody. It''s a good move.

---Kenta's sparkling power/character makes a positive change having every people involved. It's just wonderful!

---Caring words of the father-in-law, the mother-in-law toward their son....the brother's anxiety for not bothering to hurt the child....thoughful mind of the parents toward the pains of  their daughter....

---Everybody makes caring advices one another...a strong will power to determine to make a family. They must have thought that everyone has to wait and see the situation ?

--- 5 years passed..I'm sure they'll continue to make a big caring family including the grandpa and grandma. I hope they'll strive to live overcoming any difficulty for years to come (^-^)V

--- Nowadays it's quite common to say "We'll surely be happy" when we start a life together as marriage, but when the time of our parents, it was rather "We'll share the pains", which was quite natural then.My father and mother must have started/celebrated their life together with virtually only a small case filled with some oranges in it.  I still think that parents should take pains for granted, and that's why we share every suffering together and cherish it heartily.



Thanks in advance for your help.

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