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Raising children is cumbersome work. When tired, having a break is

 Important. Continue to:


comments from many people....

---I think so too. We shouldn't be bound tight by responsibility alone. This can be applied for everything.

---I feel that cases of abuse or abandonment of raising children may be reduced when some kind of system---for example--certain time period for "detachment from child-rearing workload" is allocated not only for  foster-parents but also for biological mothers.... as a  comparatively common social standard system(naturally with understanding from people surrounding them). For example, Kenta's case, honestly I acknowledge his conduct as a regular 2-year old kid, but if that happens on a biological mother to whom a choice of requesting custody of a kid at an infant-home for short period is limited and is not accepted socially yet even if she is exhausted in child-rearing workload. Even if the custody is accepted, people may talk bad about her and  she may feel the pressure to think "I am a incompetent mother" . I hope a system of aids in child-rearing would extend to all the sectors such as biological mothers, foster-parents and/or nourishing parents.

-----Having a break with some relaxation for mothers of raising kids is important. It could be a support by other family members, friends and/or some public sectors(if available). It's not a good idea and sad for both children and family members when mothers are pressed for the overload in child-rearing matters. People may help mothers with this prior acknowledgement. I'll try my best as well.(^_^)

-----I acknowledge and feel this moment exists for me as I went through all the child-raising difficulties before. I knew how hard raising children had been and now I strongly realized that I cannot live and exist without my son.

----Same situation with our own biological children. I would like someone to take care of them.(^^;)

----Good! That's what it is still connecting to Kenta-kun, right?


 Since I was also dreaming of my life with kids, I can share the same feeling of " My dream came true".Father, the hero..Give it a continued try! Continue to:


Comments from many people.

----My first daughter used to draw mostly monsters. For instance, bubbles coming out of a boot in the water. When her mind gradually got calm, her drawings started to capture a brighter side on them.

----That's wonderful.

----I can go with you, the father! (^^)

----Papa, you are cool! ^_-*

----I look forward to the next part of your family drama!


I can understand Nanako's feeling of wanting to be alone with just two of us. and also to be so excited in getting the Anpan! Continue to:


Comments from many people.

----Our daughter also falls into this type. At an outing of her nursery school, she stuck around with me all the time without single bite of Bento. I just gave in and  packed up  to switch the place to another park.As soon as we opened up the bento there, she started to munch it away. As time went by, she sure grew up a talkative kid and became thoroughly bright and gentle. More or less, she is on her own now and I often find myself looking at her back while she runs away from me. It's more like days with a mixed emotion of being happy and sad. It is such a short period of time for kids to stick around tightly with their parents, isn't it ?

---- It's so amazing babies and kids grow so fast.

---- I am relieved to know Nanako-chan feels relaxed and comfortable now .**  Isn't she cute becoming a little shrewd (0^^0)


When we first see our new born babies face to face after delivery, we never think of "our compatibility" issue. We simply "become parents" to our new born babies right after the moment we are firmly determined that "I am the very parent to this child" Continue to:


Comments from many people.

----I had a chance to read comments. Those make sense to me.

----It makes sense.  When we raise our own biological children, we are not even conscious of it. I believe families of foster-parents/foster children carry too much burdens or responsibilities on theishoulders.

---It's a cool activity.

---There was no doubt or confusion in my mind when I hugged my own kid(s). When I cuddled the foster one, I somehow wondered  from the bottom of my heart if the way I hugged was good enough. This is the daughter grown up to a junior high studentfor whom we arranged the legal matching. There were lots of things we made back and force with public entities, and procedures/etc. with a family court (domestic relations). Now we have childrens consisting of brothers/sisters in funny combination----our own biological child, foster child and adopted daughter, plus a child from previous marrige and a grandson of this kid. We manage to live together happily regardless of the blood relationships. I am rather thankful to the foster child and the adopted daughter who were added to our family.

---Lately we feel each family member behaves one another naturally. Thank you very much.

---I too have two adopted children. I agree with you and am impressed with what you do.

---Precious things, to me, come always in sheer simplicity.

---A life then with my two year old boy....When I recall now, I even didn't know how to express my real feelings. There were certainly times that I treated my son and husband harshly. Despite of this, my sone gave me a smile saying..." Mommy, I love you..."  I feel now that my son rather accepted me than I accepted him.

---I think what counts is a fateful encounter...Usually we are told that we should treat discreetly....But, when it comes to a real biological one, do we add some additional aggresiveness...., don't we?


Nanako-chan is happy being surrounded by a warm-hearted teacher and good friends. Continue to:


Comments from many people.

---Nanako-chan, “fight。“Iam always rooting for you.

---Nanako-chan you must feel encouraged by being supported by so many people.

---I feel as if I can see Nanako-chan’s smile. Even when you grow up, please keep smiling.

---Nanako-chan seems to have felt relieved when she saw the adoptive mother

---Not only for Nanako-chan, but also for the adoptive parent this visit must have been a very enjoyable.


 Thank you for reading till the last.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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