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How do you feel about the mothers who takes the children to the nursery?…Continue to:ぐるーんサポーター-s-レポート/ぐるーん-専門家/


comments from the people.

I hope using the nursery becomes a more natural thing.  I also hope there will be more happy families.
It may not be an abuse, But she might look like an irresponsible mother. I wonder if she should have had the baby in such a situation. 

I think the mother herself knows it's not a good thing to do. Every one has their own situation. We should all keep in mind that to judge other parents and their child with ones own sense of value could deeply hurt their feelings.

There must be a lot of problems at home for young people to get pregnant and have a baby. We should be able to protect them with a help from their parents and grand parents and also with the support from the society

We all need help and support with each other. Don't take all your worries by yourself.

I was really shocked. After knowing the Gruun's activities and the way of thinking, I realized how much I thought I knew was nothing in reality. 

Some women are hospitalized from Maternity blue caused by unbalance of hormones. Hormone problem is not only for women. My male friend suffered from  Menopausal disorders for 3 years. This is also cause by the hormone matter..Marriage-Pregnancy-Giving birth-Happiness ........Many things just doesn't always work out easily.

Some mothers may have their own good reasons and place their babies in an infant home again their will.


" There was a mother who requested custody of her own newly born baby to be accommodated at an infant in the hope that someone would take care of the baby....She has given birth to this baby, but she knew she isn't capable of bringing up..I think she has done a right thing"Kenta-kun, I celebrate for your serendipituous encounter with your nice father and mother.... Continue to:けんたと法律上の親子になる/ 


comments from the people

I read this and I can follow what the foster-parents(father and mother) did nicely, for which I can take it as example.... I envy the relationship with Kenta-kun

I can go with the idea as kids are the childrens of our society as well. Thank you.

That's what Kenta-kun is all about. Hope he'll grow nicely with the two beloved parents.

That's what I said "Don't let me cry....

You notice it was it truth. It is a good thing

As myself being a mother to a child, first I couldn't understand her behavior pattern of letting her baby to be accoomodated in an infant home/her demoralizatio, now I started taking it rather as consignment, not abandonment. Regardless, I take off my hat to the courageous act.

A new style of a family of three with love..

I truly considered myself being a foster-parent to a boy.

Kenta's mother also loved him, I think

If she is not capable, I think she decided right

The story came to me first thing in the morning.Whole day today would be a nicer one.

 Kenta-kun's own nice frame of mind...and the same of father and mother as well. .It's a precious heart-felt relationships.

I was touched and moved. Thank you for the great dramatic real story.

I take off my hat to these parents since it is so difficult to even bring up our own kids in this age. I admire their emotional complexity and determination they had to go through until they made up their mind. I would like to give my cheer over their nice harmonious family making process..(^_^)/

 Family...that is to know each one's roots. I believe that It's important for us to reckon the meanings of our own existence....


I also gave “Neko-manma (Cat rice, Miso soup rice) to my son sometimes….. I miss it….Continue to:猫マンマ/


comments from people:

“That was a cute story

“Ne…Neko-manma? I had it in my childhood”

“I am shocked other people were also having this Neko-manma.”


We, as parents or adults, would like to convey our message to the world that "every

single child is born and needed by someone"…. Continue to:ぼくは必要だから産まれたの?/


comments from people:

“I think I can sense how Kenta felt..”

“This is what the true parent-child bonding's all about. Parent-Child relation is formed not by the blood-relation.”

“As I told, don't let him cry.”

“The son needed by us (a couple)..The dad and mon needed by the son....vice versa.. This particular encounter is so mysterious. When our son was small, his eyes were beautiful looking at somewhere ahead of distant future. I wondered the son's future and thought about what's coming next to him. Things for pleasure...delightfulness,...sadness or hardship..I somehow remember that I then swore to myself that I would protect trying not to distress his innocent clear eyes.”

“If I were Kenta's mother, I thought how I would be answering...I'm so impressed with his mother's sincere attitude.”

“Likewise I have both my biological mother and foster-mother. Both were deceased, but I do love them both. (((o(**V**)o))).”

“Infants usually react by their individual momentary frame of mind, but I'm told that when they get a little older, sometimes they try to react to test parents' love.”

“Sense of being needed by someone...Just thinking of this type of thing alone makes everybody happy...It makes sense. Truly fabulous parents and the child!”

“Now I feel happy with myself as a parent having my real child. It's uncertain that there may be some cruel conflict or parting in future. Well, I believe there must be many happy foster-parent/child relations out there like this story. When it comes to Samurai drama, there are foster-children issues here and there...everywhere regardless of Samurai/warrior families or mercantile families.. In summary, it all depends on how we can importantly manage to cherish one-to-one, or soul-to-soul encounter/relation each other.”

“Lovely parents and child!  Mee to...I was born to be a foster-parent.  It hasn't come true to me yet, but without fail, I'll make it happen!”

“Lovely story, isn't it ? It's a heart-warming story ( #^>^#)”

“I too was so impressed/crying heavily even at the start of my day..(Smile)”

“Great touching story, isn't it? ( >_<)”

“I think the true parents/children relationship is expressed here good enough, and that's the real bonding...”


Everytime I go to the nursery to hold the baby I wonderNothing is different from other babies, why is this baby here? Only time in life which anything can be forgiven, loved and cared from everyone... Continue to:生後1ヶ月のゆうたくん/


comments from people:

“There is no guilt in the children. We as an adult have to be strong. Having a child means needing responsibility!”

“I truly wish lots of luck and  happiness to these children.”

“A child growing up with lots of love from other people will grow up to be a person who can give love to others. So maybe it works out that way...”

“People's warmth works better than a medicine.”

“Why, why....? This irrational human world.....”

“I can understand how you feel.”

“I remembered about the past, The time when I was breast feeding my baby, the way baby looked at me with his lovely  eyes and how adorable he was.”

My primary idea, through a mother's point of view, is to think seriously about what a new form of welfare is all about.....that should be  necessary for the children, thus guiding  them to a happier life in later years. My point of view is to possibly secure them of an important childhood in which the children can  look adorable to our eyes and always shine vividly at their very best!  I have a strong desire in creating a society that they shouldn't face the unnecessary patience by not simply having their parents, and they should be normaly assured of their ordinary life. I was moved by Ms. Ario's thoughts.”

“I love being with children and taking care of the babies. I hope and wish to be a help in any ways.”

“I wonder what reasons bring all brothers in the Nursery home. “

“Yuta will have a happy life. FOR SURE!!”


Thank you for reading till the last.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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